Readiness Boot Camp

During this 30-day, intensive on-boarding process, we get your business ready to operate on the platform.  By taking this critical time to assess your business and plan your implementation we can guarantee a successful and on-time transition to the platform, usually within 90 days of completing the boot camp.

Assemble Documentation - do you have all rates, rating rules, application, policy and endorsement files?  We know it's a pain, but we need everything written down.  How else will we know what we're building?

Prepare Infrastructure - assess and shore-up basic infrastructure such as computers, network equipment, internet speed, local software installs such as Jing, Goto, OneNote, & IM for communication and collaboration.

Create Architecture Strategy - how is Horizon Platform going to plug in to your current IT infrastructure?  There's usually a bit of shuffling of systems and integrating data.

Identify New Business - put people and software in place to cultivate new sources of revenue

  • Inspections
  • Claims
  • Collections
  • Payment Services
  • Financing
  • Leads

Let us share our experience transforming other RRGs into cutting edge leaders.

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