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Why Choose Us

The Expertise

We've consistently demonstrated to our customers, our industry and to
ourselves that Horizon Platform has remained committed to procuring a
team of the strongest and most talented minds.

  • Decades of experience in RRG operations
  • Experts on web-based technology
  • Motivated to exceed customers' needs and expectations
  • Constantly evolving product line

The Results

We have a proven track record of implementing automation and process change to produce dramatic increases in production capacity.  Customers
who leverage our synergistic marketing and billing services have seen
many more benefits.

  • Established in 2008, privately owned and profitable
  • Expert team helps you with all aspects of getting on the platform, while creative/development staff focuses on heightening your user experience.
  • Strong management team guiding the delivery of high-quality service to our clients
  • Increase binding activity 2-3 fold in your first year on the platform.

The Partnership

You run a serious business, it's challenging finding an organized team
on the other end of the line who knows how to get you
where you want to be.

Know that whenever you work with someone from Horizon Platform,
you'll be talking to an experienced professional who specializes in
IT solutions for the insurance industry, who will assist you in a prompt
and professional manner.

  • Insurance industry specialists
  • Full service provider
  • Teamwork you can trust - complete with accountability

The Technology

If we expect to earn your faith in us as your trusted IT partner, then
we understand and accept that it's our duty to provide you with
the latest and greatest tools, platforms and framework to
continuously put your best foot forward.

  • Windows Server 2008, asp.NET, ext.net, MS SQL Server 2008
  • Innovative disaster recovery solutions to keep you online
  • Dependable platforms tried and tested by industry professionals
  • Best-in-class datacenters delivering enterprise-level networks

Strategic Partners

Horizon Platform is currently looking for RRGs who want to leverage
technology to overhaul and automate their business.  We look for
true partnerships where incentives are aligned and complimentary
skills come together to create something that is greater than the sum
of its parts.

Take a look at what people who are already using our services
are saying.  Read More »


Readiness Boot Camp

Get your organization and IT infrastructure whipped into shape as you prepare to embrace new technology.

Our specialist will make an onsite session to get you started. 

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Our Network

Tap in to the Horizon
Platform network to
explode your agent base!


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