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Customer Testimonials

Want to hear what real Horizon customers have to say about us and our Our ServiceFirst Support? Here's a selection of stories from past and present clients. 

...Thank you for allowing us to grow our company
from 200 policies to 2000 policies in 2 years!

When you first walked into our office, we were a week behind in issuing quotes and 6 MONTHS behind
in policy issuance. I distinctly remember letting you listen to 10 voicemails of dissatisfied customers. After
listening to the voicemails, you told me 'You arent going to have to worry about getting those calls ever
again after we implement the system'...That statement couldn't have been more true! Thank you so
much for allowing us to grow our business!"

Seth Davis, Allied Group of America

    ...Thank you for allowing us to provide a solution when
we were at the end of our rope. 

I don't normally give this type of endorsement but when you stepped in and gave us the system to
provide a payment solution to existing and future clients, you saved our business. As you well know, we
were able to grow our business from 5 million to 25 million in premium over the last three years and we
directly attribute that to your platform."

Tom Marchini, Parque Insurance

...These guys...they're good guys!!!

I had an exclusive offering to provide over 400,000 CPAs with encompassing coverage at the best available
price through a preferred carrier, but I had no way of distributing this product to these CPAs. They
customized a solution to meet my exact distribution needs and because of the system, I was able to write
over 2,000 policies in the first six months...You guys are awesome!!!"

 Gino DiFelice, Carousel Insurance Agency

...There is nothing better than seeing a promise
manifest into reality.

When they told me their system could completely handle all my billing needs, i was skeptical but
after agreeing to purchasing their services, they competely streamlined the process and introduced
me to a revenue source that doubled my revenue. Way to keep a promise guys!"

Stuart Dublin, Dublin Insurance


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