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Getting retail brokers to open the door to your portfolio is key to growth and profitability whether you’re a carrier, wholesaler, MGA/MGU, or program administrator. 


Standardize Practices
Use the platform to standardize and polish the way you perform common tasks such as handle quote requests, underwrite, collect payments, and more...

Standardize Communication
Combine with Horizon Marketing Services to present a uniform, branded experience to everyone in your network.

Launch new products quickly
With your entire agent base already operating on the platform, launching new products takes no time at all.


About The Network
The Horizon Platform network is a loose affiliation of producers, wholesalers and carriers who come together to transact business with speed and ease.

The Store
The Policy Spot Store provides you with an on-line market place to market and sell your products. Agents can easily find your product when searching by market or carrier, and they can even get appointed through our Appointment Manager.

Monitor Your Network
Reports and analytics can answer questions like:
1.  What is my rate to bind ratio?
2.  How much has my agent base grown?
3.  Why am I winning/losing binds?

Keep your agent base secure

By managing your relationships with agencies, wholesalers, MGAs and carriers, on the platform, you can track things like commissions, rating and binding activity, and agent retention trending.

Sophisticated Tracking

Every thing that ever happens to a policy from the time the initial quote is created, through to bind, to renewal, and on.  Emails, Events, Notes, Rating Attempts, Underwriter/Agent conversations, and everything else are all tracked and can easily be reviewed, reported on and analyzied.


Your Network

Manage your network on the platform and experience the Horizon Platform difference.

Connection Manager
Our Connection Manager lets you manage and grow your network with the flexibility to track your complex real-life business relationships.

Our Network

Vital statistics regarding our network.

Insureds: 56,631

Retail Brokers: 5,347

Wholesale Brokers: 345

Carriers: 52

States: 50+

In-Network Production: $145 M

Total Production: $2.5 B

Our Network

Tap in to the Horizon
Platform network to
explode your agent base!


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